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Additive Manufacturing
Series 78

Series 78

Additive Manufacturing

Fast production of prototype made with high-temperature and high voltage materials.

For prototyping, small series, parts with complex structures, multiple applications (renewable energies, aircraft industry, oil & gas,…)

Production with simply sending a STL file.

  • Range: Additive Manufacturing

Indoor use  Outdoor use 

Maximum temperature:
Ultem = 130°C / PC = 90°C / ABS = 70°CC

Laser cutting

Elite Printer

Fortus Printer

Nowadays technical means allow the study of parts in 3D and materialize them very quickly (.stl).

Pioch entered this word of stereo-lithography, which gives the mean for achieving single-part or applicable pre-series projects.

Technical and dimensional evolution won’t stop here.
3D printing allowed the extension of these horizons in the fields of architecture, design, medical and art.

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