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Busbar Bushing

Series 65 – BTME

Series 65 - BTME

Insulated bushing – High current busbar bushing, outdoor

Compact and robust.
Ideal solution for high current ratings in outdoor conditions (tropical, salted atmosphere and solar).
Increased creepage distance.
Flexible design giving a high resistance against mechanical shocks.

The bushing is strengthened with a metallic bind, ensuring perfect tightness, even with a very high mechanical connection stress.

Double skirt – 200×20 copper section – length on custom basis.

  • Range: Busbar Bushing

  Min./Max. rated voltage (kV)    Max. operating temperature      

Sealing gaskets and copper plating

Length: Standard or custom-made
Gasket material: Nitrile, Silicone, Viton, FluoroSilicone
Possible Copper plating: Tin, Nickel or Silver.