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Busbar Bushing

Series 85 – BTMFE

Series 85 - BTMFE

High current busbar bushing – fire/smoke class – outdoor

Compact and robust.
Ideal solution for high current ratings in outdoor conditions (tropical, salted atmosphere and solar).
Increased creepage distance.
Flexible design giving a high resistance against mechanical shocks.
The bushing is strengthened with a metallic bind, ensuring perfect tightness, even with a very high mechanical connection stress.

It meets Fire/smoke requirements in terms of protection and safety of people.

The material prevents from spread of flames and fire, preserving nature and thus respecting the environment.

Classified materials according to EN 45-545 / NF F16-101/102 and UL94 V0 standards.

  • Range: Busbar Bushing

      Max. operating temperature.        

Sealing gaskets and copper plating

Length: Standard or custom-made