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Terminal Plate and Terminal Box

Series 19 – BBIX

Series 19 - BBIX

Stainless Steel Terminal box

Strong mechanical resistance, high modularity and easy to use. Box made of 316 grade Stainless steel, IP65. With its patented design, the Stainless steel Terminal box offers an infinite possibility for position, number and types of cable outlets.

Standard type up to 6 cable outlets with PG – ISO – GAS threading.
From 1 to 19 terminals (M5 – M6 – M18) on independent insulating support.

Terminals are easily accessible and can be disassembled for maintenance.
Terminals with anti-rotation blocking system.

Complementary accessory: Marker support

  • Range: Terminal Plate and Terminal Box

Low voltage              Dry-type transformer  Oil-filled transformer  Cast resin transformer 

Boîte à borne Inox montée

Several possible configurations

  • 12 x M5 terminals
  • 12 x M6 terminals
  • 2 x M18 terminals
  • 19 x M5 terminals
  • 19 x M6 terminals
  • Possible custom production

Sealing gaskets & terminal surface treatment