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Terminal Plate and Terminal Box

Series 19 – BBAL

Series 19 - BBAL

Aluminum Terminal box

Strong mechanical resistance, high modularity and easy to use.
IP65 Aluminium box with anti-corrosion treatment.
Up to 6 cable outlets with anti-electrolysis protection, PG – ISO – GAS threading.
From 1 to 19 terminals (M5 – M6 – M18) on independent insulating support.

Terminals are easily accessible and can be disassembled for maintenance.
Terminals with anti-rotation blocking system.

Complementary accessory: Marker support

  • Range: Terminal Plate and Terminal Box

Low voltage              Dry-type transformer  Oil-filled transformer  Cast resin transformer 

Several possible configurations

  • 12 x M5 terminals
  • 12 x M6 terminals
  • 2 x M18 terminals
  • 19 x M5 terminals
  • 19 x M6 terminals
  • Possible custom production

Sealing gaskets & terminal surface treatment